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Good Places To Have Lunch in Qatar

mexican_lunchCookieMonster of Iloveqatar.net Wrote:

I like I suspect others am always trying to find new places for lunch come 1 oclock my tummy is rumbling and I fancy a bite to eat. Now will eat pretty much anything but I always try and find some place that conforms to the following rules. And I try and find new places each day but I am kind of running out of ideas.

1. Not heavy food (I don’t wanna fall asleep in the afternoon)
2. Clean place (I don’t want to die)
3. Quick service (With only 30mins to 1hr for lunch I don’t wanna spend all my time waiting I’d rather be eating)
4. Price (I don’t really wanna spend more than 50QTR a day for lunch)

I’ll start so hopefully this thread might be usefull to the next person

1. Sushi minto (Box meal) Awsome with abit of everythin! but 70QTR and takes about 20mins
2. Hardys not healthy but a tasty burger 25QTR and only takes 5mins
3. Coffee beanery Various sandwiches 40 QTR and takes about 10mins

So were does everyone else go for lunch?

Read and post the answer through this link : http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?6,21591,21761#msg-21761