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State-of-the-Art Qatar National Convention Center Supports Real-Time Video … – Broadcast Newsroom

High-Density AVN220 and AVN443HD Encoding Solutions Offer Energy Efficiencies While Delivering High-Quality Video Streams August 21, 2012 — DMN Newswire–2012-8-21– Visionary Solutions Inc. today announced that the Qatar National Convention Center (QNCC) in Doha, Qatar, has selected Visionary Solutions’ AVN220 and AVN443HD encoders to support real-time streaming of SD and HD video and audio signals cost-effectively during live events and conferences. [...]

Explosion of colours illuminate Katara skies – Peninsula On-line

Gulf Times Explosion of colours illuminate Katara skies Peninsula On-line This is the first time I have seen fireworks in Qatar during Eid,” said Ellen, a Canadian national who came to watch the show with her entire family. With the success of the fireworks display on the first day, she believed the event should be held .. [...]